DOJA Industrial | Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 / F10-50 掳 / + 150 掳 | OSAKA

DOJA Industrial | Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 / F10-50 掳 / + 150 掳 | OSAKA

Introducing the Dig.OSAKA Thermostat F100

At DOJA Industrial, we are proud to present our latest innovation in temperature control technology – the Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100. With its advanced features and precise temperature regulation, this thermostat is the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Key Features

Precision Temperature Control

The Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 offers precise temperature control, allowing you to maintain the perfect temperature for your specific needs. Whether it’s for a refrigeration unit, HVAC system, or industrial process, this thermostat delivers reliable and accurate performance.

Defrosting Function

With its built-in defrosting function, the Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 is ideal for use in cold storage and freezer applications. It ensures that ice buildup is effectively managed, preventing any disruptions to your operations.

Relay (NTC)

Equipped with a relay (NTC), this thermostat provides seamless integration with other control systems, allowing for enhanced automation and efficiency in temperature management.


  • Temperature Range: F10-50 掳 / + 150 掳
  • Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of heating and cooling systems
  • Display: Clear and intuitive digital display for easy monitoring
  • Installation: Easy to install and set up

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 suitable for use in industrial environments?

Yes, the thermostat is designed to meet the demands of industrial settings, providing reliable and robust temperature control.

Can the thermostat be integrated with existing control systems?

Absolutely, the relay (NTC) allows for seamless integration with other control systems, enhancing overall automation and efficiency.


The Dig.OSAKA thermostat F100 from DOJA Industrial is a cutting-edge solution for precise temperature control. With its advanced features, including defrosting and relay (NTC), this thermostat offers unparalleled performance and reliability for a wide range of applications.