HOMEAE – Double Layer Glass Coffee Cup

HOMEAE – Double Layer Glass Coffee Cup

HOMEAE – Double Layer Glass Coffee Cup

Are you tired of your hot coffee getting cold too quickly or your iced tea turning lukewarm? Look no further than the HOMEAE double layer glass coffee cup. Available in 250ml, 350ml, and 450ml sizes, these cups are perfect for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages on the go. The leak-proof lids ensure that you can take your drinks with you wherever you go without worrying about spills.

Main Features

Double Layer Glass

The double layer design of the glass cup provides insulation, keeping your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for longer periods of time. Plus, the outer layer remains cool to the touch, so you can comfortably hold your cup without burning your hands.

Leak-Proof Lid

The leak-proof lid ensures that you can toss the cup in your bag without any worries. It’s perfect for commuting, traveling, or simply enjoying a drink at home without the risk of spills.

Multiple Sizes

Whether you prefer a small 250ml cup or a larger 450ml cup, we have you covered. Choose the size that best fits your beverage needs.


  • Material: Double layer glass
  • Sizes: 250ml, 350ml, 450ml
  • Color: Light Grey
  • Lid: Leak-proof


Q: Can I use the cup for both hot and cold drinks?

A: Yes, the double layer glass provides insulation for both hot and cold beverages.

Q: Is the lid easy to clean?

A: Yes, the lid is easy to disassemble and clean, making it convenient for everyday use.


The HOMEAE double layer glass coffee cup is the perfect solution for enjoying your favorite beverages on the go. With its insulation and leak-proof lid, you can enjoy hot coffee, iced tea, or any other drink without worrying about temperature changes or spills. Choose the size that suits you best and elevate your drinking experience today.