RIG500 PRO HS: The Ultimate Gaming Headset for PlayStation

RIG500 PRO HS: The Ultimate Gaming Headset for PlayStation

When it comes to professional gaming, audio quality is essential. The RIG500 PRO HS gaming headset is officially licensed for PlayStation and designed to meet the demands of competitive gaming. Whether you’re playing on the PS4 or the new PS5, this headset delivers high-fidelity sound and exceptional comfort for long gaming sessions.

High Fidelity Sound. Engineered for 3D Game Audio

The RIG500 PRO HS features precisely tuned 50mm speaker drivers and noise-isolating acoustic chambers, providing high-resolution audio and low distortion for an immersive gaming experience. Whether you’re tracking enemy footsteps or enjoying the rich soundscapes of your favorite games, this headset delivers game-changing sound.

Superior Comfort

Designed for all-day gaming, the RIG500 PRO HS features lightweight exoskeleton earcups and a self-adjusting headband strap for comfort and stability. The dual-material ear cushions and isolated closed-cup design block out external noise, allowing you to focus on the game without distractions.

Extreme Durability

The flexible and durable headset frame is virtually unbreakable, ensuring that the RIG500 PRO HS can withstand the rigors of competitive gaming. Built to last, this headset is a reliable companion for all your gaming adventures.

Built for Performance

With a removable noise-canceling mic and flip-to-mute function, the RIG500 PRO HS ensures clear game chat and focused gameplay. The easy-to-reach RIG game audio dial provides fingertip master volume control, giving you complete control over your gaming audio.

Multi-Platform Compatible

In addition to being compatible with PlayStation PS4 and PS5, the RIG500 PRO HS also works with Xbox controllers, Nintendo Switch controllers, PCs, and tablets. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for gamers who play across multiple platforms.

  1. Experience competition-grade audio
  2. Engineered for 3D game audio
  3. Superior comfort for long gaming sessions
  4. Extreme durability for the rigors of competitive gaming
  5. Multi-platform compatibility for gaming across different devices


Is the RIG500 PRO HS compatible with the PS5?

Yes, the RIG500 PRO HS is officially licensed for PlayStation and is fully compatible with the PS5, delivering high-quality audio for the next generation of gaming.

Can I use the RIG500 PRO HS with other gaming platforms?

Absolutely! The RIG500 PRO HS is multi-platform compatible, working with Xbox controllers, Nintendo Switch controllers, PCs, and tablets, making it a versatile choice for gamers.


The RIG500 PRO HS gaming headset is the ultimate choice for PlayStation gamers who demand the best in audio quality, comfort, and durability. With its competition-grade sound, superior comfort, and multi-platform compatibility, this headset is a game-changer for serious gamers.